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Matkaravan – the original Malmö Food Tour

Linda Dahl from Matkaravan/Food Tours Malmö serving shiso leaves during a tour of  Malmö.
Linda Dahl from Matkaravan/Food Tours Malmö serving shiso leaves during a tour of  Malmö.

Matkaravan translates as ”Food Caravan”, and is the original foodie Malmö Food Walk, going strong for over thirteen years. 

We provide guided walking food tours to the flavors of Malmö, Skåne and all the exiting specialities from the wide array of international food stores that line the streets of Sweden’s most multicultural town.

All our guides are culinary professionals who have worked as chefs, sommeliers, food journalists and food stylists. All of our tours are small (6-15 participants) so there is enough time for questions and special requests.

The tours take 2-3 hours with 4-6 stops along the way, while we taste specialities from the different shops and restaurants that we have hand-picked with a focus on quality and personality. Expect the unexpected! Our aim is to inspire you to look at flavors and ingredients in a new way and find inspiration for your own home cooking.

We host public food tours in English on Saturdays once a month during the spring and summer season – tickets can be bought here: The Foodie Caravan.

We also arrange private tours in English – please see the information below this short video about our tours.

Our tours in English for visiting groups:

The Swedish Tour

Discover the culinary heritage of Sweden through your tastebuds. Experience both classic Swedish fare like pickled herring, smoked and cured salmon and Scanian cured ham, as well as modern artisanal products like cheese, cloudberry jam, charcuterie, chocolate and ice cream from small-scale producers. Of course, all of the samples come with a story connecting them to Sweden’s and Malmö’s cultural heritage. 

The New Nordic Tour

Scandinavia is home to the New Nordic movement, which has gained momentum during the last 15 years. Hear the story about how these culinary backwaters ended up fueling one of the largest gastronomical trends right now. We will visit both restaurants and shops and try some of the rediscovered wild ingredients such as spruce tips, pickled rosehips, ramson capers, different fermented foods, and of course, natural wine. This is a tour for the dedicated “foodie” wanting to get a grip on what’s happening on Malmö’s culinary scene right now.

The Sweet “Swedish Fika” Tour

The concept of “fika” is almost holy in Sweden, and what at a glance looks like “just coffee and cakes” has deep cultural roots. This is a tour for everyone with a sweet tooth as we’ll be sampling artisan chocolate truffles with Nordic flavors, traditional and modern buns, biscuits and cakes, liquorice, handmade candy, coffee from local microbreweries and lots more. 

The Speedy Tour

Pressed for time? Not to fret, in just one hour we can take you through the key elements of Swedish cuisine all in one place: Malmö’s newly built food hall, “Saluhallen”. Sample herring, elk, local cheese and more with knowledgeable guidance on the history of each delicacy. 

The International Tour

Malmö’s inhabitants come from 181 nations, which is obvious when you look at the vast array of food stores and restaurants in town. In this tour we guide you to the best of the pick. You’ll taste Asian, Middle Eastern and European specialities and learn tricks that will make you a better cook.

The radio station Monocle 24 went on a Food Tour together with us in Malmö in October 2017 – listen to the episode here:

Food neighbourhoods: Möllan, Malmö


You are more than welcome to contact us and book a private tour in English at a fixed price (up to 12 participants). We can arrange a date and a theme for the caravan that suits you the best. We can also tailor-make a tour to suit your specific interests.

For more information and booking, please contact us via e-mail or phone:

Linda Dahl 070-7344136

Lena Ilkjaer +45 31 31 86 51

The content of all our tours varies with the seasons so please check ahead if you want to know the exact content of a tour.

We also host public tours in English which are booked through Billetto (billetto.nu).